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Handeya Demappa who was defeated by Maria Tmiven-
galanatha in the battle of Narasapura took ruiiiire i:i the
jungles (1), Similarly* the enemies who gugtai^i-cl a defeat at
his hands at the time of the capture of PoriiiLlhnilja sought
shelter in woods and forests (2 . Tiruvengajjanatlia fought
fiercely in the battle of KamalUpnra ; caused panic in
Grandikota ; chastised the forces of tlie ruler of Uddagiri
(TJdayagiri) 5 and led an expedition against Gnrramto^S.a ar,i
captured the fort of Kanjiko:ida (3). He put to death several
cavaliers who participated in the battle of the Bali^da :
captured the forts of Pornmamilld and Nr^imnsrjattana -vhic
were protected by i?) the ruler of the fort of Uddagivi (Udaya-
giri) (4). He led his forces against Kandanavojn and
G-andikota and put to death the warriors of Maoanolu ("}.
KttmudvatikalyZntm, C*at--, i, i!T ar.i til-
The Matla chiefs erected a fort at the village of Vozftr
during the days of Ellamaraja/ Matla Tirnvengalaiiataa, a
jHati of Anantaraja, was appointed as th^t commandant of the
garrison which was posted to protect this fort. At this time,
Ramaraja of the Grobbtiri family was holding sway over tlie
forts of Kullurn and Podalakuru included in the sima of Nellore.
As Yacama, the chief of Venkatagiri, having encroached upon
the estate of Ramaraja, occupied the said forts, Matla Tira-
vengalanatha offered him some help. Consequently Tiru-
vengalanatha incurred the displeasure of the Velugoti family,
While Matla Atlanta was ruling at Siddhavatam, a Velama
nobleman named Papayya who was a dependent of the
Velugoti family attacked the fort of Vogur at the head of a
small force. Basavana Boya, a servant of Anantaraj% was in
charge of a battery of jajays in the Jibi tower of tlie fort. Hav-
ing loaded a double barelied ft/ffy, he waited until the Vekgoti
forces approached the fort; he took aim and feed at the com-
mander who was riding in a howdah tm the back of an elephant,
Tbe serrdar fell dead, and his forces losing conrage fled.